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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JEWISH LIFE now at a special price!

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JEWISH LIFE now at a special price!

Originally available in the U.S. and Canada only, the English version of the “Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust" in now available world-wide and in the JewishGen Mall at the very special price of $279.00 USD plus $10.00 USD for shipping and handling.


Edited by Shmuel Spector and the late Geoffrey Wigoder, this remarkable three volume set has a foreword by Elie Wiesel, contains 1,824 pages, and has more than 600 black and white photographs and illustrations. There are pages of maps and an index of communities including alternate spellings and pronunciations, to name just a few of the additional features included.

Based on a thirty-volume encyclopedia published only in Hebrew, this version makes an incredibly rich source of information available in English. Today, throughout much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, only fragmentary remnants of once thriving Jewish communities can be found as evidence of more than two thousand years of vibrant Jewish presence among the nations of the world. Each of their stories-from shtetls to large urban centers is unique in its details and represents one of the countless threads that comprise the tapestry of Jewish history.

The three volume set chronicles the people, habits, and customs of more than 6,500 Jewish communities. It clarifies precise locations of settlements based on documents and maps found in recently opened archives. Stories and photographs reveal small details of everyday life: the culture, politics, and faith that inspired the people who lived through those times and created the history. This extraordinary work puts faces to our documented past.


In a special arrangement with the JewishGenMall, the reduced pre-publication price of $55 USD plus $12 USD shipping has been extended for an additional two weeks. The Auschwitz Album, a 200 page hard cover book is a collection of powerful photographs documenting the entire selection process from arrival in Birkenau through to the gas chambers and crematoria. The photographs also document the heaps of possessions left by the Jews to be later sorted in the barracks of this killing camp. These pictures are rare evidence of the techniques the Germans used to mislead the hundreds of thousands of Jews who arrived at the Birkenau Camp.


Visit where we are taking orders for the

“Auschwitz Album” to be published shortly by Yad Vashem in association with the Auschwitz Museum. To place an order use the Search button in the left hand column, type in: Auschwitz Album and you will be taken to a full description and the ordering procedure.

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust" is available for immediate delivery. Once on the Mall, click on Search, type in: Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, for full ordering details. There are two listings for this extraordinary work so you need to order based on where you live.

In addition to our pleasure at being able to bring these books to our readership at special pricing, please know that all purchases in the JewishGenMall help make it possible for JewishGen to provide our programs and projects free to users and as a public service.


The Holocaust Global Registry is one of our little publicized successes since we honor the requests for privacy by people who have reconnected with family or friends. Search it! Register any pertinent information you may have in order to assist holocaust survivors to make personal connections.

The JewishGen Holocaust Database at this moment has over 140,000 records of victims and survivors. New records are constantly being added as they are made available to us. We never have enough volunteers to help, so please visit the page outlining the time and skill requirements. While all projects appreciate volunteers, this one is a very special mitzvah you can perform in the process of preserving our history for future generations. These names must be remembered.

JewishGen Research Projects

JewishGen has many projects underway and more coming. For example, we have arranged cooperative ventures with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and Yad Vashem to transcribe, proofread and manage efforts to computerize large amounts of material. To support these projects we always need volunteers who are proficient in Cyrillic, Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. We also need people who are experienced project managers. Please contact JewishGen’s Vice President for Research, Joyce Field, or our Volunteer Manager Elise Friedman at

if you are willing to volunteer your time to help add more data and make it easily accessible to all JewishGenners.



ShtetlSchleppers takes you back to your ancestral origins. In fact, most of our participants traveled with us to their ancestral villages for the first time since the Holocaust. This is a great opportunity to share an "experience of a lifetime" with other family members from all over the world. Some perhaps you have met on JewishGen.

JewishGen offers both group departures and independent travel opportunities with custom itineraries. All trips include a private guide/translator.

As a researcher interested in one of our many destinations such as Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, France Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Ukraine, imagine yourself, touring the sites of Jewish interest, meeting local leaders, and then, with your own private guide, visiting the place of your family origins!

For a complete listing of itineraries, visit the following URL:



To sum it all up…

for the Encyclopedia of Jewish Life go to the JewishGenMall at

for the Holocaust Global Registry

for searching the Holocaust Database

for assisting with the Holocaust Database visit

for information on JewishGen Research Projects neededing volunteers contact and/or

for information about ShtetlSchleppers, our travel program, contact or call JewishGen (281)535-2200

On behalf of all of us at JewishGen, we wish you all the best with your research and hope you will choose to get involved in one of the largest grassroots efforts "to preserve our precious Jewish history for generations to come".


Susan E. King
President and Founder
JewishGen, Inc.

Purchases in the JewishGenMall or financial gifts to JewishGen can now be made in currencies other than US Dollars.

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